November 7 – Langara Esports Association Social Event @ Caliburger

Snipped from the Facebook Event Page.


Langara eSports Association is hosting our first ever social event, sponsored by Caliburger! This is the first event of two at Caliburger to take place this month so be sure to capitalize on the free meals!
Come by at any time between 7 PM and 9 PM and hangout with LEA execs!

Remember….don’t eat dinner first! CaliBurger will offer everyone a complimentary combo meal.

Please RSVP on this page by November 9th to ensure we have enough meals to give out.

If you achieve the highest score in the world wide tournament for Gem Jump, you will recieve $10,000 USD. Four iPad Pro’s will be up for grabs as the runner up prizes. Come by and play the game once to recieve your free meal!

You can download GemJump from the App store* and practice on single player mode before entering into the tournament. The Global tournament began on November 1, so feel free to pop by CaliBurger prior to November 11 to start competing!

*Don’t be surprised by a $2.99USD fee to enter into the global tournament CaliBurger will reimburse everyone on our guest list in cash the evening of the event.

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○ Date: Friday, November 11, 2016
○ Time: 7:00PM to 9:00PM
○ Location: 830 Thurlow St
○ Admission: FREE

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○ Free meal for LEA Members
○ Gem Jump Tournament
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If you guys have any further questions, please post it on the wall below or contact us directly through our email: