Executive Team

Hi, we're still recruiting for the executive team this fall semester. If you have a passion for eSports, send us a quick message on Facebook or at contact@langaraesports.com!

Open positions:

Media Director

The Media Directors will create digital and print media to be distributed and used throughout our content and materials. They are responsible for the inspiration, creation, and execution of our club brand and tasked with bringing it to the team and eventually to the public.

Jonathan Wong

Co-Founder & President

Jonathan Wong co-founded the Langara eSports Association in the September of 2015 with the goal of creating a community for gamers to meet new people. Within a week of it being founded, he went from a club of six executives to over 200 signed up members, making it one of the largest clubs at Langara College. Jonathan used to play on competitive League of Legend’s teams but since then has taken a step back from the competitive aspect of eSports and moved towards the administrative side. He currently studies business management and marketing.

Mathew Nguyen

Smash Game Director & Community Manager

Soon after the creation of the Langara eSports Association, Mathew organised the first LEA Smash tournament at the EXP Bar. When Jonah joined the team, Mathew decided to play a more supportive role in the Smash scene due to his busy schedule. Known as Daddy of the LEA Discord, he now spends his time molding the club members into one big happy family. Mathew is currently studying psychology in hopes of discovering the deepest secrets of the human mind

Sebastian Peterson

Dota 2 Game Director

Despite being his first year at Langara, Sebastian has plenty of experience in esports as the founder of the Vancouver College Esports Club. With a top 16 placement in the HSL last year for Dota 2 and multiple top 3 finishes at nationals in rowing, competition is in his blood. He looks forward to a competitive and successful year with the Dota 2 team. He is currently studying business management.



Paul Thornton

Public Relations & Smash Game Director

While serving in the Air Force, Paul founded the first eSports club for a 1900 member Group with an emphasis on competitive fighting games. During this time he oversaw several fundraisers, morale/team building, and tournaments to serve his associated unit and its personnel. He is no longer playing Smash competitively in order to focus on administration and public relations for the group, but continues to serve as Tournament Organizer and Commentator. He is an Arts & Science student with a declared major in Political Science. He will NEVER tolerate any johns.

Isabelle D. Tupas

League of Legends Game Director and Community Manager

Applying first as a substitution player for one of LEA's LoL Team's, Isabelle has now become the core Coordinator for Langara Collegiate League of Legends. She has also been managing collegiate LoL teams since the debut of Langara eSports Association and is currently in-charge of Division 2 Team B, Langara Legends. She was also the creator of LEA's Discord server. Isabelle is studying English in hopes of teaching abroad and/or becoming a video game writer.

Rivou Nguyen

Overwatch Game Director

Joining the Langara Esport Association on the very first day of college, he started as a team captain for CSGO division 2 team in CSL 2016. Fast forward to today, he's now Executive for Overwatch and the Langara Coordinator for Blizzard during TESPA. He's studying business management with a hope of working for a big gaming company like Blizzard one day.


Jonah Lee-Ash

Graphic Designer & Smash Game Director

Ashley Tyner

Co-founder & Consultant

Kieran Mckenzie

Public Relations & Finances


Shaneel Reddy

Event Manager

Nathan Forster

Marketing Director